Sunday, November 9, 2008

New old

One of my current knitting projects is now finished. It's a new folk bag called Country Holiday.

It reminds me of oriental carpets in a big log cabin, some sort of american luxurious country style shown in interior design magazines.

I took few photos in my own living room which is decorated with violet blue, red and pine. It is not difficult to imagine that I have sat on that sofa and knitted the bag. I am easily influenced by the surroundings!

As I study industrial design, I am very interested in shapes. In this bag I wanted to add a three-dimensional ornament, the dark green border which adds lightness and works as a reminder of historical decor.

Unlike many modern designers, I just love history and old things. It is so much fun to go to the antique show and look around, buy some old letters or postcards, if nothing else, and enjoy the ornaments in their element. Luckily my husband thinks the same way, it's such great time together. We have also watched Lovejoy over and over! Sometimes, especially in the summer, I can imagine being one of the characters in the series, going through all that is presented, hoping to find a precious bargain.

If only today we could produce objects that future generations cherish and fight over!

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