Friday, November 28, 2008

Arts, crafts and hedgehogs

I have just been at art history lectures. Most interesting!

Although I have always knew the arts and crafts period in the change of the 20th century I have never really realized how close to that my own style is.

Our small home is filled with arts and crafts styled details like these William Morris curtains in my workroom.

I have been knitting little bags as usual. I have to introduce this hedgehog themed one as it is a bit different from those very romantic ones I usually make. This one is something made by order and there had to be hedgehogs.

I was lucky to find the fabric from a small quilt shop in Tapiola, Espoo. The service in the shop is excellent and being a former quilter I could buy all the fabrics there.

Today's modern style is not for me.
I just love to show all the little details and ornamental borders. I wish we could move on from modern thinking to decorative thinking, giving full power to shapes and colors.

You, who live outside scandinavia may not fully understand what I am talking about. But if you visit Scandinavia you will know. It is all about white, white and plain here. Most think it is about harmony.

I find my little home nothing but plain and still the best place to live at.


MaryjoO said...

These "matching" colors of this bag are lovely.

Interesting about our "surroundings" -- after living in very formal furnished places I crave simplicity and plain and white -- my new sewing room will be mostly white and light! I think also Scandinavia uses a lot of white as it is good in the long dark winters!

Päivi Eerola said...

I can understand that many find white and plain differently than I do. Living in the colorful 70s and in the eastern Karelia with all the folk style decorations has made a strong impact on me.

It would be great to see photos from your sewing room when it's finished, MaryJo!

I love sewing rooms whatever the style!