Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bag to fabrics!

I started quilting as teenager. First by hand, then by machine.

I have always admired knitted quilts and have made a few myself too. But we all know the problem is that they are fairly heavy, knitting gets stretched and is difficult to wash.

When I started designing fabrics I thought of materials. I find it very inspiring to think about different materials and their qualities! I started thinking about paper but then it hit me! My bags!

Do not get me wrong - there was not a short way to make these fabric designs. Okay, the half of the work was done: I had tens and tens of photos of my knitted designs. But mixing and matching, replacing one stitch here and the other stitch there (digitally of course) required a lot of accuracy, trials and errors. But here they are!

These were just what I hoped and even more. My favorite is the second one at the photo. It is called Karelia and it reminds me from the Karelian people and their characteristics. Always in good mood, filled with stories and traditions.

I cannot wait to find some spare time to start a new quilt!


sousami said...

congratulations, very beautiful -- it must be thrilling to see your inner images out on fabrics.
love your colorwork.
greetings from sousami, berlin

Päivi Eerola said...

Thank you, sousami, for your lovely comments! I am glad you like my fabrics!

Sewing Geek said...

Hi Paivi, I am glad you are sharing your fabrics because I will soon have some!

Mary :)