Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kalevala rocks

Forgive me not to post any Christmas photos, I just have to dedicate this post to the folk bag I have made just before Christmas. It was ordered by a person who did not want her bag to have flowery style. Instead, she gave me two themes: Finnish rock music and Akseli Gallen-Kallela's painting Lemminkainen's Mother.

I found the design process very challenging but also wondefrully interesting.

Lemminkainen and his mother are characters from Kalevala, the finnish national epic.

Finnish rock music is often very hard and earthy, trying to reach somewhat heroic atmosphere.

I ended up creating very melancholic look. The bag is called October as it is one of the saddest month in Finland, very dark despite of the firsts snowfalls of the coming winter.

I do not know how the bag would be received in other countries. For me, it is very touching in its honest melancholy.

I painted the fabric myself as I was unable to find anything appropriate in my stash. I find it more and more appealing to try to design my own fabrics. I have lately joined Spoonflower and might try that soon. They offer fabric printing on JPEG image which is a brilliant idea for business I think!


Monika said...

This new bag is amazing! I haven't seen a single one I didn't like yet, but giving a bag this much thought, and painting the fabric, it truely is amazing. My daugher was eyeing my little bag, which I have on my desk at the moment, but I will NOT part with it! :o)

Päivi Eerola said...

Thank you Monika!

I have few bags coming to my Etsy store soon!

upa said...


Tarja O. said...

Thank you Päivi. You read my mind. It is exactly what I wanted and I love it.

Lokakuu järsii viimeiset päivänsä kuin kovan leivän. Reuna on tässä, eväspussi tyhjä. On aika painaa toinenkin poski huurteiseen maahan ja kuulla, kuinka kaikki vain on. Ei ole tarvetta mihinkään, ei kasvaa ei laulaa. Ruis nousee joskus myöhemmin ja lintu palaa, jos jaksaa.

Päivi Eerola said...

Thank you all! Tarja, your poem describes the bag so perfectly!

puikkomaisteri said...

Joko se on myyty?

Päivi Eerola said...

Juu myyty on - Sold, sorry!